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Uplifting afrocentric kids puzzles

Sale price $15.00 Regular price $20.00

Looking for toys that uplift while they entertain? That was exactly my inspiration while creating the designs for our brand new puzzles!

The "Prettiest girl in the garden" design is an adorable afro puff silhouette surrounded by a circle of watercolor leaves. At the bottom lies a gorgeous bouquet of watercolor irises.

The "new cool" design is a fun spray of rainbow colors. Red, yellow, green and blue silhouettes of girls and boys decorate the front along with the new catchphrase for 2020 and beyond!

Black books matter is our core motto represented by a multicolored Africa along with a jeweled crown on top of a open book. 

Each puzzle is approximately 5" x 7" and have 12 pieces.  They are made from high quality chipboard.  Each puzzle will arrive shrinkwrapped with an envelope. Assembled puzzle pieces will be shrink-wrapped with a corrugated cardboard back.

They are $10 for one, $15 for 2 or all 3 for $25.