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The Indomitable Black Assassin

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Damien Stone is a resident of the cold, cruel streets of Roughsonville. Having been in the system since birth, Damien never knew his real parents and it felt as if his foster parents were only using him for the income. Damien had one friend and considered him to be not only his best friend, but his brother, Marty Spellman. Marty introduced Damien to sports and the boys grew close throughout the years.

After a big game during his junior year of high school, the boys encountered Jack "The Reaper" Cooper, which changes Damien's life forever.

Damien enters the military and becomes trained in various forms of martial arts, use of various weapons, tactics and strategies, espionage and surveillance of explosives. After 15 years of being away from home, Damien returns to avenge his friend and brother. But when his battles start to surface, he doesn't realize he's gained the attention of The Divine's power and ends up being recruited for the fight between Light and Dark, Good and Bad. Damien becomes The Divine's Equalizer.

"He's not Good or Bad, he's Right"!

  • For mature audiences only.