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Native American Tea Company

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About Native American Tea Company

Originally established in 1987 in a humble building on the Crow Nation Reservation in Crow Agency, by a family of Turtle Mountain Chippewa, the Native American Tea Company continues to be the leader in quality and innovation.

Each herbal tea was designed with a Native American legend, story or myth in mind and later, art work was painted to reflect each unique tea and added to the box. In Montana, the teas, then mixed and bagged by hand, became sought after and the company began to grow.

Native American Tea Company is proud of its heritage, and mindful of its responsibility and commitment to the preservation of Native American culture. Each box of our highest quality tea not only features beautiful representative artwork, but also its story and tradition.

We are honored to present “Our Story” and we invite you to enjoy the experience and taste of tradition.

Browse through some of their all natural and flavorful tea blends in the photos!