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Mississippi Zombie - Volume 2

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The zombie menace continues within the Mississippi region. The dead are killing and ravaging everything and everyone on sight. Living here has become, and I dare say, impossible. The walking dead are evolving, getting smarter, and learning our habits. The remaining few humans are trying to find a way out of Mississippi to head north toward Tennessee and the city of Nashville and hopefully safety. All the while trying to outsmart the dead and hang on to what little hope we have left. Contained within are six tales of humanity’s struggle against the dead.

From writers Travis Gibb, Marcus H. Roberts, Lou Graziani, Alfred Paige, Jonathan Hedrick, and illustrators Juan Pablo Milto, Jules Rivera, Florentino Santibanez, Daniel Gorman, Shaun Barbour, John Epple, Ben Worrell, Sunil Ghagre.

  • Paperback
  • 107 pages