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Kosmik Komix presents: The Kaptahrians

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Kosmik Komix presents: The Kaptahrians (Ka -Tar - Rians) Comic Book

"By reading our books, we give people truth through infotainment (confirmative facts). We strive to change lives in our communities by highlighting the issues of today. Kosmik Komix will give our children characters they can relate to while building a brige between African and African Americans. This identity will change their perspective on life and others around them positively!"


As the Kaptahrians protect the continent of Africa from the imbalanced forces of Zu-En, a new danger has emerged from the shadows of the earth: Tyrant Lord of the Leviathans, a despot of infamy. His goal is to use the pieces of Shards from the eternal crystal of Nasuwaat, (an ancient elemental prism with both negative and positive etheric powers), to free Zu-En from imprisonment so they can execute his distorted will upon all of humanity. Everything the Kaptahrians and the people have fought for has lead up to this moment. The fate of humanity and earth existence has never been more uncertain.