Kaiden The Great! and The Sinister Lunch Lady by Lakeshia P & Kaiden Dixon

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There’s something strange going on in the cafeteria of Smith Elementary. Kaiden and his crew Max and Chloe are going to find out what that is. That’s if they can keep Wendell out of the way. Will Kaiden, Max, and Chloe be able to unravel the mystery?

Lakeshia P Dixon is a mother, philanthropist, educator, entrepreneur and accomplished author with a unique writing style that provides a reading experience like no other! Kaiden the Great and the Sinister Lunch Lady is the first book written by her and her son, Kaiden "The Great" Dixon. She is originally from Miami, Florida and now resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and three children.

50 pages, paperback cover


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"Good afternoon and happy Sunday y'all! I'm really excited to share this latest addition to our store! "Kaiden the Great! and the Sinister Lunch Lady" by mother and son duo Lakeshia P and Kaiden Dixon is a super fun mystery perfect for those middle aged readers out there. The ride is fueled by the adorable and vivid illustrations of Chasity Hampton. Swipe through the pics to get a preview of Kaiden and his world. Hit the link below or message me to bring this home!


Kaiden the Great! and the Sinister Lunch Lady" follows the adventures of a motely group of middle schoolers made up of Kaiden "the Great" and his two life long friends Chloe and Max as they tackle their latest case all while trying to avoid their nemesis Wendell. I bet you're wondering what makes Kaiden so great? Hmm... Did I mention that he's an amputee who engineers his prosthetic to do cool and amazing things?! Yesss! 


I had a chance to read this yesterday and I'll be honest and say I didn't want to put it down because I just had to find out what these kids were up to next. The illustrations are so fun and expressive they really draw you into this zany and silly middle school world! I definitely can't wait for the next book in this series. Pick up this one while we got it!"