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EdAnime Productions presents Meltrek

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About  EdAnime Productions

Technology has caused the means by which children learn to shift from auditory to more visual and tactile. Educational digital media has become very popular. The main objective of these educational programs is to disseminate information using captivating pedagogy. Many of the current pedagogical tools lack contemporaneous and universal appeal. EdAnime Productions was created to address these deficiencies.

Our company was established by Dr. Bailey, and Luther Elliott and a host of teenagers with the goal to modernize the content and presentation of academic material. We create educational products, such as films, books, and unit plans, for elementary and middle school children in various academic areas. Our products are innovative, engaging and filled with scholastic material not present in a traditional curricula. ​

What makes our company extraordinary is that children are the major creative forces behind our products. Children, between the ages of 9 and 16, work alongside our team of highly experienced educators, animators, cartoonists, and engineers. They are involved in character designing, background designing, storyboarding, scripting, and voiceovers.

Our aim is to make learning enjoyable and to foster the three S’s: Self-awareness, Self-esteem, and Solidarity. ​We hope that our products aid in shaping the minds, attitudes, and behavior of the youth for the sole purpose of building stronger and healthier communities.

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