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Black History Activity Books

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The Black History Activity Books are designed to educate children on role models and figures while stimulating their minds with puzzles and activities. If ordering a book/bookmark combo, please add a note and specify which Hero/Heroine so that we can make sure we have that exact combination in stock. 

Have fun and learn while getting to know more about the greatest figures in black history.

  • Bob Marley - Uncle Bob the musical legend! Uncle Bob brought the sweet sound of reggae music and its association with the island of Jamaica to the rest of the world.
  • Harriet Tubman - Born into slavery Aunty Harriet managed to escape from the wicked slave masters. She went on to become a freedom fighter, anti-slavery activist and freed hundreds of slaves from plantations.
  • Huey P Newton - Uncle Huey was an African American political activist and a leading figure in the Black Power movement of the 1960’s.
  • Malcolm X - Malcolm X fought for justice in the USA. He was a Muslim minister and human rights activist. This book touches on his love of reading, educating himself and worldwide travels
  • Marcus Garvey - Uncle Marcus was a black nationalist, who created a movement between the Caribbean Islands and USA to encourage black people to visit Africa.
  • Martin Luther King Jr - Uncle Martin was American preacher, humanitarian and activist; who was best known for his role in the African American civil rights movement.
  • Muhammad Ali - Uncle Muhammad was a legendary boxer, who called himself the greatest heavy weight champion of all time!
  • Queen Nanny - Aunty Nanny is a Jamaican national hero! She was the spiritual, cultural and military leader of the Maroons during the 1700’s.
  • Queen Nzinga - Queen Nzinga was one of the greatest female rulers of Africa. She fought against the slave trade and colonial forces of the Dutch and Portuguese in the 17th century. 
  • Nelson Mandela - Uncle Nelson fought against racism and to give equal rights to oppressed people. He became the first black president of South Africa.
  • Rosa Parks - Aunty Rosa was a civil rights activist who helped create reform on the U.S. law. She was known for not giving up her seat on the bus as a statement against segregation.


32 Pages

Age range - 6 and Above