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Play Black Wall Street the Board Game!

First edition

Black Wall Street The Board Game is the new fun way for you to increase your financial literacy and Black History knowledge AT THE SAME TIME!

This game was inspired by the real businesses and events from Tulsa, Oklahoma aka Black Wall Street, one of the most economically successful communities in American History. "The town was established in 1906 by entrepreneur O.W. Gurley, and by 1921 there were over 11,000 residents and hundreds of prosperous businesses, all owned and operated by black Tulsans and patronized by both whites and blacks."

How Do You Play?

Players roll dice to move pieces around the board. As you move you will land on businesses and have the choice to "Use" the business as a customer or "Buy" the business and become an entrepreneur. Players can reinvest in businesses purchased to created LLCs and Corporations to make more money!

Buy or use businesses its up to you but if you want to win you better invest!

Who Can Play?

This is a family friendly game but there is math and strategy involved. We suggest players be ages 8 and up to play independently. Play Black Wall Street is a great way to get Parents, cousins, and friends all around the table.

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