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The Black Doll Encyclopedia

Posted by Tonisha Kimble on

By now I think we've all seen the black/white doll comparison videos or scanned at least one article discussing the importance of having dolls that look like US. At this point there is no debate that having representative dolls is important to a melanated girl's self-esteem. It is also very clear that the marketplace is still lacking in representation of melanated dolls, what we need to know now is ... where do we find the black dolls that ARE out there? Well look no further!
This will be a resource for those looking for not just black dolls, but those made by black doll manufacturers -- so those product lines will be astericked*. Who creates the dolls is just as important, if not more than, the doll itself. This list will be updated periodically with links for purchase as new information becomes available.

Hearts for Hearts


Queens of Africa*


A Curly Girls United*


Positively Perfect Dolls*


Prettie Girls*


Baby Abuelita*


Ikuzi Dolls*


My Life as a School Boy


UrbanToons Inc*


Lottie Dolls



Wonder Crew


Corage Dolls*

Priddy Girls* (in Atlanta, GA)

Malaville Toys* (South Africa, but ships to the US)

My Pretty Brown Doll* (crochet)



Epic Black Girl*

Non Amazon links (These sites will open up in a new window, allowing you to keep this one open).

Plush Dolls


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