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Summer reading tips for parents

Posted by Tonisha Kimble on

Hear me out parents... I know as a parent I dreaded "summer reading". Like y'all, I did not want to nag my kid all summer to read a bunch of stodgy, old books. But trust me, summer reading does not have to be a chore! Here are some great tips to help us all out.

✹ Build it into the schedule We humans are much more successful when we make a specific goal. It's one thing to say to your child, you need to read this summer. But it's quite another thing to say to your child, read for 30 minutes every day after breakfast. That includes a plan to achieve the goal. As a parent living in the real world, I understand that life gets in the way sometimes. And it's still summer break for our kids, so let's all give ourselves some grace if we fall short of our goals. Any reading is better than none. Also consider being flexible in scheduling. Reading doesn't necessarily need to be done every day. Maybe your child will be more successful if their reading is done every other day, or just on the weekends, or maybe they do week-long marathons every now and then -- it's all ok.

✹ Don't be afraid to think outside the lines Y'all know that diverse books are my jam. So if your child doesn't have a specific reading list they must complete, consider spending the summer reading materials they may not see in the classroom. Comic books/graphic novels, audiobooks, and eBooks are valid reading materials and can help bring interest, ease, and accessibility to reading.

✹ Make it a family affair Parents, if you're not able to participate, enlist the help of siblings or extended family. Maybe you have some really great neighbors and they can get in on the summer reading fun. Technology can help to create special moments with loved ones that may not be near. Consider a shared playlist of audiobooks or eBooks too!

✹ Consider a theme Who doesn't love a theme these days?! Maybe this summer will be spent reading books about pirates, or authors from your home state, or books with a color in the title. The possibilities abound!

✹ Keep it interesting Variety is the spice of life! Maybe one day y'all read aloud to each other. Or act out parts of the book. Explore genres you never would normally. Try taking your reading outdoors... Enjoy an audiobook on a nature walk. Read an eBook while relaxing on the boat. Reading doesn't have to be boring and reading materials come in so many forms these days. Remember, it's summer! And we still want to have fun.


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