Personal Shopper

Regular price $5.00

Let us take the hassle and stress of gift buying from you.

  1. Complete your order via the website. Each additional list and/or 10 items is another $5. Please create one order per recipient.
  2. Within 24 hours you will receive a Gifting Information Form (GIF) via email. Please complete and return to within 36 hours in order for your special person to receive the most customized list possible. Any orders that have not returned the GIF will be canceled.
  3. Within 5 days receive a personalized shopping list for your loved one via email.
  4. We stay true to the goal of WOW, so every gift item is sourced from a multicultural/ethnic vendor.
  5. Sit back and enjoy the joy of gift giving!

Gift Wrapping

  • If you are choosing the gift wrapping option, it will be billed on a separate invoice. 
  • Please indicate which wrap option on the GIF. 
  • Have the gift(s) item shipped to WOW.
  • Once the gift(s) is received and wrapped, it will be shipped to the recipient. 

Gift wrap pricing:

  • $5 for small gifts like cds, perfume, jewelry, and ornaments
  • $7 for medium gifts like shirts, mugs, shoes, calendars, books, and Barbies
  • $9 for large gifts like robes, shoulder bags, laptops, big Lego sets, and footballs
  • $12 for extra large gifts like basketballs, gaming systems, baby furniture, parkas, and small appliances

Prices are per gift and include shipping to the recipient.