Black Sands: The Seven Kingdoms "Rumble in Kerma" Part 2

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Written by Manuel Godoy and drawn by David Lenormand, "Kids 2 Kings" is a story about a young boy named Ausar whose life goal is to rule Kemet. This goal leads him on a journey to far off lands in the ancient world where he deals with the complicated issues involving wars and ancient gods that seek his death. He is accompanied by his kinfolk Seth, Auset and Nehbet as the travel the world. The world of Black Sands is deep and the original cultures of the time are all represented in this sci-fi, fantasy retelling of ancient myths.

What to expect: demi-gods, ancient aliens, historically accurate cultures various myths and a good time!

In Part 2... Ausar and Bes finally square off in Kerma Palace. Who will win this epic battle?

6.75" x  10.25" inch saddle stitched comic

24 pages of ridiculously amazing art