Featured Books and Products - September 2017

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Here you'll find the archived "Post of the Day"s for September 2017. They are organized by newest -> oldest. To purchase anything, just click on the link and a new window will open up.


29: Vanessa Brantley Newton interview - Grandma's Purse

28: Lucy's Umbrella

Sophie Washington: Things You Didn't Know About Sophie

Sophie Washington: The Gamer

Sophie Washington: The Snitch

Sophie Washington: Queen of the Bee

25: National Comic Book Day - Encyclopedia of Black Comics

Mycroft Holmes and The Apocalypse Handbook

21: WOW Book and Toy Book Review "From a Bird Point of View" by Demetrius Lake - From a Bird Point of View: Poetry

19: Featured author Pamela C Rice / ebooks - When The Brown Bird Flies

Whistle Watch At Uncle Willie's House

Daisy's Bright Idea

15: World Afro Day - "The World in the Afro of Tayo" or “O Mundo de Black Power de Tayo by Kiusam Paulo de Oliveira

"I'm Proud to be Natural Me!" $1 Download by Marlene Dillon

I'm Proud to Be Natural Me!

Bright Skin Afro

12: Featured Author Jason EagleSpeaker - NAPI and The Rock: Level 2 Reader (Volume 1)

NAPI & The Bullberries: Level 2 Reader (Volume 2)

NAPI and The Rock: Level 3 Reader (Volume 1)

NAPI & The Wolves: Level 3 Reader

NAPI & The Wolves: Level 2 Reader

NAPI & The Bullberries: Level 3 Reader (Volume 2)

9: National Teddy Bear Day - Teddy Bear (Heritage Schoolhouse Bilingual series)

6: WOW Book and Toy Book Review "For the Love of Peter Jones" by Adaeze Okoli - For The Love Of Peter Jones

4: Labor Day thread - The Pullman Porter

2: Labor Day Weekend thread - Nelish Daring Quests

Nelish Daring Quests Book 2: Predator Uprising (Volume 2)



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