Featured Books and Products - October 2017

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Here you'll find the archived "Post of the Day"'s for October 2017. They are organized by newest -> oldest. To purchase anything, just click on the link and a new window will open up.


31: MFK: Book One by Nilah Magruder - M.F.K.

30: "All about Me: Truth or fiction" by JaMar Taylor (child author) - All About Me: Truth or Fiction

27: "The Dark Secrets of Dr Lafayette" by Johanna Clark (male domestic violence) - The Dark Secrets of Dr. Lafayette (Journal)

26: "K is for Kahlo" by Dr Tamara Pizzoli - K is for Kahlo: An Alphabet Book of Notable Artists from Around the World

25: "Oh' Charles" by Bunny Meighan

24: "Little Queen's Beauty Dreams" by Gabrielle Ayers, illustrated by Brionya James

20: A Different Pond by Bao Phi - A Different Pond

18: Incarcerated Parents - When Daronte's Father Went to Prison

17: Black Poetry Day - The 100 Best African American Poems

16: "Dream to be from A to Zzz" by Phallon Perry Book Review - Dream to be from A to Zzz

12: TBT thread (Hi-Fi Fight Club comic series) - Hi-Fi Fight Club

Hi-Fi Fight Club 1

Hi-Fi Fight Club 2

Hi-Fi Fight Club 3

Hi-Fi Fight Club 4

11: Lil Libros books - Loteria: First Words / Primeras Palabras (English and Spanish Edition)

Counting With / Contando Con Frida (English and Spanish Edition)

Zapata: Colors / Colores (English and Spanish Edition)

Lil' Loteria: A Bilingual Picture Word Bingo Game (English and Spanish Edition)

The Life of /La Vida De Selena: A Lil' Libros Bilingual Biography (English and Spanish Edition)

Guadalupe: First Words / Primeras Palabras (English and Spanish Edition)

The Life of/La Vida De Celia (English and Spanish Edition)

Lucha Libre: Anatomy / Anatomia (English and Spanish Edition)

Cuauhtemoc: Shapes/Formas (English and Spanish Edition)

La Llorona: Counting Down / Contando Hacia Atras (English and Spanish Edition)

La Catrina: Emotions/Emociones (English and Spanish Edition)

Around The World With Cantinflas / Alrededor Del Mundo Con Cantinflas: A Lil' Libros Bilingual Geography Book (English and Spanish Edition)

10: National Bullying Prevention Month - Miriam's Revenge

Bullies are Not Just Boys!

5: "Where's My Grandpa?" by Ruben Watson Book Review - Where Is My Grandpa?

4: Featured Illustrator/Artist Chasity Hampton - Journey through Hawaii with Jace (A Fennell Adventure)

James and his Turtle Ju Ju

3: Featured title "I Love Your Brown" / National Bullying Prevention Month - I Love Your Brown






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