Featured Books and Products - August 2018

Posted by Tonisha Kimble on

Here you'll find the archived "Post of the Day"'s for August 2018. They are organized by newest -> oldest. To purchase anything, just click on the link and a new window will open up.
26: Kids Making Cents℠ financial literacy program by FCC - Financial Common Cents
23: March On Children!: The Story Of James Meredith’s March Against Fear by Katina Rankin
Medgar Evers: He Taught His Kids To Crawl So We Could Stand (Volume 1) by Katina Rankin
Emmett Till: Sometimes Good Can Come Out Of A Bad Situation (Volume 1) by Katina Rankin
22: The Amazing Adventures of Anaiah & Her Angel: Anaiah Meets Gabby by April Allen-Brooks
15: Thrones not Cells by Saccheen Laing
9: The Colors of Me by Dr Stephanie Oguchi
5. Amaiya & Friends See a Counselor and Amaiya & Friends See a Counselor: Coloring Book by Dr Tiffany Young
1. Daddy's Mini-Me by Arnold Henry


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